Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Digital video, Digital image makers, etc.

Today my IP 10's were given time to browse many of the image manipulation, image building and video applications that are free on the internet. They found slideshows and music players and many other interesting items that they are able to use and create different things to input on their websites. The personal use of these applications was appealing to them as well. Being able to have time to check out a variety of tools available on the web was a novel thing for them and they had not been able to do much of that in previous years (or so they tell me!), which made them really excited to be allowed the time to play around and create some neat items in which they can be used for things not only in computer class. Presentations, home use and portfolios are just a few other things that these applications can be used for.

Some of the websites they explored today were: Image chef, Animoto, Flickr, Flixin, Image generator, and Slide, just to name a few.

Teaching the students to use them properly and safely is key. So let them explore, but make sure to set down ground rules first!