Wednesday, November 26, 2008

needing some ideas....can you help?

Off to our Teacher's Convention tomorrow and Friday in Stoon, and am looking forward to some of the presentations. There are few good technology ones, and also a lot of good ELA ones I am interested in as well. I will keep you updated as much as I can.

Technology has been at a stand-still for me. I really need better access to computers, and the internet. Also, the lack of updated programs we have here are limiting the students and my abilities to expand. Money is always that mitigating factor that constrains us all into boxes of availability. Even free programs are limiting on the internet most times. I wish you could get full access to free programs for video editing - any good sites? All I have found are ones that seem to konk out when we are just getting somewhere and lead to more headaches than just using Windows Movie Maker. That being the simple solution, I would like to advance to a newer program but am not sure what, or how to use many other programs, any ideas there?

Also, just putting it out there...anyone have any good ideas for teaching History 10? I am finding it really dry and my kids are not really enjoying or understanding it....This is where I am struggling lately, and thought 'why not blog about it. maybe someone can help?' So here I am, putting it all out into the vast information superhighway and hoping for a bounce back!

Blog people! Blog about your problems and solutions, and realize that this medium can be a tool that is useful, not just scary and confusing! Prove me right!