Monday, March 30, 2009

Student Sites

Here are some of my CPT 10 student's wix sites...

They had to do these on a novel, play, short story, or some other media from ELA 9 - it could either be one we already took or one we will be taking in the coming month.

Romeo and Juliet sites:
Romeo and Juliet by Jason
ACT ONE by Lacey
...More to come later

The Pigman by Joel

Never Cry Wolf by Jason

Again, these students did a great job -- even though there was a lot of freezing, and slow incidents we survived the assignment and look how great they turned out! :-)

Student Wikispaces

Here are a few of my student's CPT 20 wikispaces from their assignment which is found HERE.

Vijay Singh by Brad

Hayley Wickenheiser by Melissa

The Mighty Ducks by Jenn

The Tudors by Caitlin

Strasbourg Maroons (Hockey Team) by Stephen

Queen Bloody Mary by Holly

Taylor Swift by Tessa

Wayne Gretzkey by Connor

The Outsiders by Brooke

This is just some of the many well done sites that they made. Well done! I am happy at how well this project worked out.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Taylor Mali video - I make a difference

Goofy - School teacher short video

my favorite part is when he gets dressed up like a backcatcher, walks into the room and has things thrown at him...haha classic

Goofy - what a character! :-)

Even though this was made in 1952, some of it still resonates. Some things in it are archaic - as it was 1952, but that stack of papers Goofy marks at the end is how life feels sometimes! haha! This is worth a watch for fun!

Some of my notes from iT Summit -Mar 23/09

From the iT Summit 2009
March 23rd, 2009:

J. McKenzie - Keynote
-- Reading and Comprehending Across a Dozen Information Literacites
These are some of my notes...

G. Hammond
Digital Storytelling Using Music and Comic Art
These are some of my notes...

D. Shareski
10 Disruptions That Transform Your Classroom
These are some of my notes...

TKAM - ELA 20 Creative Project - student-made


Thanks goes out to E. Germann for helping me figure out how to post student videos...woo! Look out for blog post overload! Here they come!!!

Discrimination Video
To Kill A Mockingbird
ELA 20
Student Creative Project

CPT project idea

An idea for CPT 20

Short Dramatic Production - Develop or use an existing local legend or story...

Try this online program - you need to sign up and create accounts for your students but you can play out the myth/legend!

This is not how I introduced it, but I think I will try to include this...

I just introduced this assignment last Friday but might change it up to include this new program. I will let you know how it goes...