Thursday, April 29, 2010

Plastic Pollution - The World's Largest Garbage Patch

I came across this blog post from Jim Gates' blog - Tipline. As the title of by post suggests, it is about the issue of plastic pollution and how it is impacting the world. Be aware that this video is graphic and disturbing. The hope is that this information will make you think again before throwing out plastic bottles. This crisis is and will be affecting our students as the next generation and they will be the ones left to deal with it. Please share this with like minded people. This is a movement for change.

Chris Jordan: Polluting Plastics from PopTech on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

CAP ELA 10 - Shakespeare Lesson

I presented the video in class yesterday, and had the students do the during viewing activities as well as the after viewing questions. We discussed the viewing activities and I had the students complete the after viewing questions to be handed in for evaluation. I think that it all went really well, the students laughed a bit during the video, which meant they were engaged instead of falling asleep (yay!). The video I found was on the Discovery Education website. You have to have an account and log in to view the video, but for those of you who have a subscription to Discovery Education, as all in my school division do, it will work in any of your classrooms. The website is great because many of the full videos, or video segments, come with a teacher guide and sometimes even other activities you can do instead of making up your own (nice!).

Check out my page I developed on my horizon CAP pbwiki for CAP ELA 10: Lesson 1 - Intro to Shakespeare and Tragedies. I developed this lesson because my grade 10 students will be taking Macbeth starting on Monday. I will share the rest of my lessons as they come along!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CAP - ELA 10 Introduction

I am excited to have joined this Collaborate Apprenticeship Program that my division is beginning this year. My favorite part is that I get a laptop, projector and speakers to use in my classroom! Woot Woot! I have definitely utilized these awesome pieces of technology already - and look forward to the opportunity to use them even more often! We are placed into subject-specific groups - mine is ELA 10 - the point is to try to use technology to enable more diversified and technology-infused lessons in classrooms across the division. Great idea - as long as people are willing to do the work. I think of it as the same work as we always do as teachers - prepping for new lessons - only with a technology kick! This is not a bad thing because teaching is definitely moving towards more technology infusion in classrooms - maybe we will just remain ahead of the ever growing curve upwards?

My group's first assignment is to create a lesson using a video, then come up with 10 questions that go along with the video. We are supposed to try the lesson in our classes, blog about the successes or need-to-be-improved-experience (or share somehow with our group members). We are part of a pb wiki and we were asked to create a page about our lesson so that the lesson can be shared with the other members (or anyone else interested) - so that they can try it in their classrooms as well!

I have picked the topic of Macbeth, and chose a few videos. Now that the fun part is over, it is time to come up with the questions.....I will let you know how it all works out!