Thursday, April 22, 2010

CAP ELA 10 - Shakespeare Lesson

I presented the video in class yesterday, and had the students do the during viewing activities as well as the after viewing questions. We discussed the viewing activities and I had the students complete the after viewing questions to be handed in for evaluation. I think that it all went really well, the students laughed a bit during the video, which meant they were engaged instead of falling asleep (yay!). The video I found was on the Discovery Education website. You have to have an account and log in to view the video, but for those of you who have a subscription to Discovery Education, as all in my school division do, it will work in any of your classrooms. The website is great because many of the full videos, or video segments, come with a teacher guide and sometimes even other activities you can do instead of making up your own (nice!).

Check out my page I developed on my horizon CAP pbwiki for CAP ELA 10: Lesson 1 - Intro to Shakespeare and Tragedies. I developed this lesson because my grade 10 students will be taking Macbeth starting on Monday. I will share the rest of my lessons as they come along!