Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CAP - ELA 10 Introduction

I am excited to have joined this Collaborate Apprenticeship Program that my division is beginning this year. My favorite part is that I get a laptop, projector and speakers to use in my classroom! Woot Woot! I have definitely utilized these awesome pieces of technology already - and look forward to the opportunity to use them even more often! We are placed into subject-specific groups - mine is ELA 10 - the point is to try to use technology to enable more diversified and technology-infused lessons in classrooms across the division. Great idea - as long as people are willing to do the work. I think of it as the same work as we always do as teachers - prepping for new lessons - only with a technology kick! This is not a bad thing because teaching is definitely moving towards more technology infusion in classrooms - maybe we will just remain ahead of the ever growing curve upwards?

My group's first assignment is to create a lesson using a video, then come up with 10 questions that go along with the video. We are supposed to try the lesson in our classes, blog about the successes or need-to-be-improved-experience (or share somehow with our group members). We are part of a pb wiki and we were asked to create a page about our lesson so that the lesson can be shared with the other members (or anyone else interested) - so that they can try it in their classrooms as well!

I have picked the topic of Macbeth, and chose a few videos. Now that the fun part is over, it is time to come up with the questions.....I will let you know how it all works out!