Friday, November 23, 2007

UGH! Issues!!!!

I am new at teaching computers this year, and I am finding my way through the best I can. Except on days such as today.....

Today in my IP 10 class:
We are working on MS Access, learning databases - queries, forms, tables, etc. and my students are having a very difficult time getting their heads around what it all means, how to enter info. properly and just generally how to troubleshoot issues.
BUT I am also having the same difficulties along with them. Their frustrations are my frustrations, even more likely. I feel as though I should be able to work through it all and be successful, making them successful. I am having issues with printing; where their information is being saved; what view they are typing it all in; and generally just the students own frustrations!

It is not only those technologically illiterate people that have issues with computers, teaching with computers and all of it, but those of us that are beginners, or even intermediate teachers in this area. I know my issues are not just happening or have only happened to me, but the frustrations you feel in a computer lab with students looking at you for answers when you are flabergasted and are not sure where to go from that point, it makes it hard to push forward in that assignment. I have done all assignments I give them on my own before hand, ensuring I can play through all the "bugs" before I give them the assignment, but once they start doing the assignment, then there are more issues than successes! Following directions may be part of it, but definitally not all of it.

I know this is a rant but I wanted to put it out there as a "I know how you feel..." for those of us that still struggle from time to time with certain programs, assignments and issues dealing with computers and technology.

It will all be fine. It will get figured out. And until that time I will push forward, laughing at the situation because I truly believe that if you cannot find a bright side to a situation, then there is only darkess in your life and you will forever not crawl out of that hole.

So good luck and happy troubleshooting to those that are on my level or having my kind of day I experienced today!
Remember to always smile and laugh at yourself - it will make you feel better!