Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Issues resolved and how to be successful

I always know that once I put my mind to it that I can accomplish anything. In speaking of this, I have figured out what my issues were with my program of frustrations. I did my research, contacted my resources and we have finally found the answers. It makes me happy to have figured out the issues. It may not have been super quick but they are figured out!

Ensuring students feel successful when working with technology will help them learn new things much better than continuously failing and being frustrated with it. Now that theses issues have been worked through, the students will feel successful and begin to understand that not all computer programs are straight forward and that there is a lot of troubleshooting that will have to be dealt with. But by giving them the right tools, and learning along with them, it shows that every person needs to deal with it, it is normal to encounter problems and if you work together as a collective, then a lot more can be accomplished.

Asking for help when confused or frustrated is the best learning tool you will ever use. Sharing your own knowledge and learning from others is how the world works. If we can teach our students these fundamental abilities then they will go far.