Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What should we move towards?

Technology education is typically left up to a select few who have an interest in it. But the idea behind this whole system is to encourage and help build abilities and skills in technology so our classroom teaching can be integrated with technology. This will allow our students the chance to succeed in the society they are soon to enter, which is exremely technology based. The areas of the work force that do not require much technology are likely in the future going to be moving towards integrating technology.

Therefore, we need to start the students off at a young age to develop skills in computers and technology so that once they get to middle years and high school, they will have a strong basis to build from and the depth of technology teaching can be done in a variety of specific areas and not just an overview of a couple areas. Students could learn from programs that would specifically apply to them and their job futures.

I know it's a heafty task but I believe that this is where we as a society and as a school system need to move towards. I think that if we could accomplish even a fraction of these things that our students will have a much more higher rate of success after graduation by recieving the higher wages, better jobs and leading happier, more fulfilled lives.

What do you think?