Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tips for using an iTouch in your classroom - Notes from iT Summit Breakout Session

iTouch in Classrooms:
These points and ideas are taken from http://adventurousedtech.blogspot.com  (Joanna Sanders Bobiash) a teacher in Regina, SK. Thanks for sharing your journey and innovation Joanna!

Sonic Pics
-digital storytelling

iPro Recorder
-fluency and comprehension
-observation notes

Google Earth / Star Walk

Literacy and Numeracy Games

Calculator- and other tools
-ex: translator

E Clicker Response System - instead of a SMART Response clicker

Google Forms - and other Google apps

-no copy and paste
-can email responses directly
-access links

Q R Codes - lots of possibilities
- grcode.good-survey.com - QR Code generator
-- Could be used for learning stations, and a variety of other strategies

- number your ipods
- develop a sign-out system
- give ipod an email address
- sync ipods to ONE computer only
- update apps from the computer NOT the ipod itself
- organize your apps in groupings
- designate a helper to organize your supplies (earphones, cords, pods, etc.)
- eBay to buy accessories for cheaper than at stores