Monday, May 23, 2011

The Long Weekend Balancing Act

As I sit here drinking my coffee on this fine Monday afternoon (long weekend), I think what a great opportunity it is for me to have the chance to catch up on all my twitter links, emails, my blog writing and comment replies. I have spent a majority of this long weekend 'off' working on school work - marking, correcting, prepping - and another big chunk of time coaching drama practices for our school drama performance which is taking place on July 8. I think many people who don't understand this profession believe that all teachers spend these long weekends just working on decks and relaxing....yes that may be true for some, and I would be a liar if  I said I didn't spend some time doing those very things, but what the majority of the public doesn't understand is that as teachers this profession really does occupy our minds every day regardless of it being a weekend or holiday.
I am guilty of being preoccupied with thoughts of school and preparing for upcoming lessons, events and sometimes it can take away from the task at hand or things relating to home life. I have blogged about balance and that is the very key to success in being a teacher. It is very true that being a teacher doesn't stop at the school doors - we go home and our mind is still at school - but we need to consciously and daily tell ourselves to be present. That is the greatest advice - be present in whatever activity it is that you are doing. This advice is transferable to all jobs, occupations and professions but truly rings home for teachers.
By no means do I expect any sort of recognition for my many hours of extra prep work, coaching, or marking and correcting of schoolwork. All a teacher would hope for is students to have that light bulb turn on at least a few times a month to show you that the work you do is not being glossed over by all of the other things that occur in a day. So here I am, working away on my long weekend and loving it! I got a few hours outside in the heat to cut the grass, work the garden for my bedding plants and began some landscaping projects. I found balance this weekend by blending my time with school and home responsibilities and hope all other teachers out there find time to enjoy their lives in all aspects while the end of the year is creeping upon us!
Take care out there and smile because summer and warm weather is just around the corner!