Wednesday, May 11, 2011

iT Summit 2011 Day TWO reflections

Now that iT Summit is all done for the year, I get this sad feeling. I was so elated to see so many great teacher minds in one room and I truly could feel the innovative vibes floating in the air - or in the clicking of computer keys!

Michael Wesch's presentations on remixing our society and schools was really interesting to listen to - I really enjoyed the psychology connections to what he was saying. I have been teaching Psych 20 / 30 for the last two years now and I really found myself understanding those broad and deep topics he touched on - especially the self image implications of using technology. It is super interesting to promote those questions to students to hear what they would have to say about how technology affects their self-image and self-awareness - or would they even know what I am talking about and just text their friends how crazy their teacher was becoming!?!

Obviously winning a new iPod Touch rocked - thanks to my mad skills at website development and understanding ALL programs - HAHAHA just kidding!! No but seriously, I have gotten a lot of ideas from each session I attended. I just wish there were more hours in the day to be able to attend ALL the sessions I wanted to! I would've loved to have seen Shelley Wright's presentation, and I am sorry I never got a chance to attend and support Ryan Hackl, Micheal Hagel, and Mavis Hoffman or Morag Riddell in their sessions! I know it takes a lot of strength to get up in front of your peers and speak about your experiences so kudos to every teacher who presented their struggles and successes with technology. I admire you.
The Cool Tools Duel (Tuel) was very funny and interesting - I have some cool things to check out!

It was an honor to sit beside Kathy Cassidy in the SMART Response session - it is kinda funny when you read about people's stories and realize that you have been following their work in some way or another (blog, twitter, website, books, etc.) and all of the sudden there they are, sitting next to you! It's silly I guess that I don't just introduce myself and tell them what I think but it's intimidating - I'm sure these people like Dean Shareski, Alec Curous, Will Richardson, and many others are all down to earth and would just laugh at me thinking that way but you just feel a bit star-struck. In the small world of teaching - especially in Saskatchewan - it is awesome to be able to attend a conference and sit next to people who inspire you to be better every day in your job. I look at what these people try and do in their classrooms and I get excited to teach. I love this job!

Final thoughts? I wish there were TWO iT Summits a year and I wish I could attend both each year! No seriously, I had a wonderful time meeting up with former colleagues, laughing with friends, being inspired to try a bunch of new things (ipods in classrooms?!), and I will see you there next year!!! Cheers to technology!