Monday, May 09, 2011

iT Summit 2011 Day one reflections

It is day one of two of the iT Summit 2011 in Saskatoon, SK and I am already feeling the buzz and excitement from participants (myself included). Every year that I attend this conference, this being my fourth year, I always walk out feeling ready to try something new. Not everything will be easily implemented or be simple to figure out even from my end, but I don't seem to feel as defeated coming out of sessions as I have at other conventions or conferences. I think that many teachers want to try new things and we realize that everyone here is attending for the same sorts of reasons, whether it be to learn new things, revamp what they already do, or just start from the beginning. Not every teacher that attends a technology in education themed conference is going to be at the same level - we, just as our students, are all at different levels of ability and comfort. That's the beauty of it all.

When I walked in this morning I ran into Mavis, who is a teacher I worked with on a technology committee called iSITS in Living Sky division 3 years ago now. It was fantastic to see her and I loved how she hook my arm and led me to the promise land of a table full of other LSKY teachers that I haven't seen since last iT Summit. I love the networking, visiting and collaborating and idea-swapping that goes along with this conference. I see my Horizon school division PLN often enough that it is exciting to branch out across Saskatchewan and see other colleagues to share experiences with. I get to attend some of the most interesting sessions and listen to some really great keynote presenters but the best part to me really is just connecting with other teachers in Saskatchewan who are doing so many cool things in their classrooms - or have some great ideas they are working on.

I saw a presentation today about using handheld devices in the classroom - I will get some notes and ideas up when I get more time - but I really walked out of there inspired. Honestly, I cannot say that about every presentation attended during any conference but today I did. There are a lot of innovative things teachers even close to home are doing that I want to try. Oh just give me time. 

A former principal once told me - "if I can at least get one solid thing out of a conference or convention - I call it a success" - I a point. The really exciting thing is that a technology in education conference such as this one, makes me come out with many solid ideas and points to take home. I can't wait to get started. 

See you tomorrow all and I will update whenever I can! I am excited to see Alex Couros and Dean Shareski's Cool Tool Duel tomorrow, and am thinking there will be a bunch of things to try after - can't wait.