Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Will Richardson - iT Summit 2010 - Amazing Keynote Presentation

Will Richardson - iT Summit 2010 - Saskatoon, SK
My notes from the presentation to share with all of you...
He is really inspiring. He re-ignited the flame of teaching in me today. I can not wait to get back to my classroom tomorrow and begin to implement some of these things! I know that I need to do more. I do many technology based things, not just in my classroom, but on my own - I blog, I have 3 wikispaces, I am in many groups, I have an RSS feed, I read and read, I learn and learn, but I can do so much more. I know time is short in a day, but more needs to be done, and so it will. Thanks goes out to Will Richardson! I am excited to teach again!