Friday, May 21, 2010

Blogging is cool!

Blogging is quite the tool. I am able to reach more people than ever before, just by writing a few sentences out and pressing a button to send it on. What I really find amazing about it is that I seem to have more readers from the United States than I do from Canada. This is interesting, considering I don't really know anyone from the US, and I live in the small province of Saskatchewan! Maybe not all of these hits are readers, but I am at least reaching out to them - maybe they stumbled upon my blog and were interested? Maybe I said something they didn't like and wanted to see more ramblings for the fun of it! Who knows!? All I do know, is that I am excited to have broken 2000 hits on my cluster map, and amazingly enough, over 13,000 on my apple counter that I put on my first day blogging. I hope all those hits are not just my family!
Give me a shout out in a comment if you're reading this and find my blog is useful or interesting to you...I will take no comments as that I need to try a lot harder to get your full attention!
Take care out there on the information superhighway - you never know where it may take you!