Monday, March 10, 2008

youtube, teachertube, and general wishes...

I have been poking around on quite a bit lately and have noticed that there are many valuable resources as far as watching general things, but the website called is an even more wonderful site for lessons. I have already found 4 that I am going to use in my classes. If you have not checked out then I really suggest you do, because it has really good videos for ALL teaching areas.

We are learning about Internet Safety in both Health 8 and I am doing a unit on it in Keyboarding 8. On, I have found 2 really good videos about Internet safety, and I intend on using them.

Now here is the real dilemma about finding wonderful things like this.....
We do not have a laptop, cart or extra projector in our school, making life that much harder. The computer lab is already always over-booked, as is the library, my CADD lab, and all other computers in the school. Having only one projector makes life a bit harder, but I know that even in our small school, it would be really handy to have at least one - even one - laptop cart with a projector that can be used in a mobile fashion throughout the school. (Maybe one for each wing of the school - high school/elementary, I am not sure) It would be lovely but the cost of that type of investment is something that is a bit staggering for a small school and budgeting is difficult for things like this.
Although, you would hope (it is rarely this way), that schools and school divisions should WANT to move towards this type of investment and just find the money - take it out of other areas that are dwindling, to increase the technology competency in the schools throughout the division. It would pay off in the end and I believe that since we are headed that way, shouldn't we want to be catching up to where other schools/divisions are already at? I mean comp. carts in Regina is awesome, but the smaller centers need to get their boost to catch up or we will be left in the dust......
Ah, the lovely ideals of a computer technology teacher trying to use their trade and invoke love of it into others.....our jobs will never be done :-)

"Just Keep On Truckin'"

PS - I was asked which 2 videos I liked for Internet Safety, so I thought I would just post them on here for you!!

Think Before You Post

Internet Safety

Also, If you want more, or do not like these, just type in "Internet Safety" in and lots come up. Lots are actually made by students, which is really great.