Tuesday, March 11, 2008

teachertube videos....obsessed much?

I know you may think I am obsessed with videos, but I think that there is no better way to get this information to my teachers or out into the world. If we can share by watching others, instead of reading a book on Web 2.0, then we are engaging ourselves in what we are supposed to be teaching our students.....right?

Teachertube.com Videos:

Introducing Web 2.0
The description from the website is as follows:
Today a new age is evolving. A newly formed conceptual age. An age and time when people collaborate to expand disciplines. A discipline is a developmental path for acquiring certain skills or competencies. In the past we have individually mastered our own proficiencies as we explored our world from one perspective, our own. Now with collaboration technologies individuals are enlightened by becoming more aware of by exposing knowledge to the outside world.

Language Learning and Web 2.0:
This is a video that was posted by a teacher in Barcelona, Spain. He talks about blogs, wikis, podcasts, second life (what he calls Web 3.0), and many more. Really quite interresting to listen to. It may not be too 'crazy' for students, but it is nice for a teacher to listen to if you need to understand what, where, why we do these 'new' things and use Web 2.0 tools.