Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Discovery Learning, DVD burning, Scanning

Since introducing Discovery Learning to my staff, I have had a few teachers comment to me that it is a really useful tool. In the sciences, it is extremely useful, since most of the videos we have in our school are quite old - and a few are outdated. These newer videos give a more recent perspective, clearer views and can keep the students engaged in the content much longer than older versions of videos. I believe that most teachers that are using it, have used it both for motivational sets as well as for full class sessions. There are still a few of the teachers who I am sure have not used it yet, but I do know that when I held my first PD session with all of my staff, that they were impressed, and it did some wonders to get them interested, but the next step will be to go to them individually and keep them interested, and to give them more ideas of how to integrate it into their subject areas. It is a process that will be on-going.

The consensus is that it is a successful venture to invest in, and it gets used quite frequently.

I just bought a new external DVD burner for the school, so when it comes time to burn these videos, we will be equipped to get it done. I just installed it yesterday, so we will see - hopefully all works well. I will keep you updated! :-)

I also just bought a new scanner and installed it yesterday as well. It works great. My next job will be to try and scan a book for a PowerPoint presentation - a teacher asked me if we could do that and I undertook it as my job to try for the first time....I will work on it tomorrow afternoon and will let you know how it goes!