Saturday, March 08, 2008

Slide Show

I have tried to make a slide show with pictures taken from the new camera. I tried to make them in
Rock You - which I personally found to take a very long time and ended up quitting before it was done because I got really frustrated - I had tried it previously and thought it was fine, but I had trouble this time, so I left it for now.

Bubble Share - it also took a long time to upload;

and I also made one with my personal favorite - SLIDE;
I really enjoyed SLIDE because you can change and edit so many things, making your slideshow really original and creative, to reflect your personality. I now found out that you can put a song it your slideshow, which was a tough feat in itself, but that make it that much more special of a site to use. It also did not take that long to load or make, it just took time to figure out exactly how you wanted it to look! :-)