Sunday, May 18, 2008

"We Think" - and the reply done by a student...

I just saw the video called "we think" on, then I happened to have seen this reply of this video made by a student - a 21st century learner! She shares her thoughts on the video and how she was really impressed. We can take a lot from this - if she can post her thoughts in a forum like youtube, and I can view them and take significance from them then it really shows how our world has evolved. What an exciting time! It also leaves the question and issue of responsibility - because what if she hated it and posted rude ideals - then it would be on the web forever! Thinking before posting is extremely important - and I think this all just re-enforces what we have been saying - that these values need to be brought to the attention of our students. Check it out!

Video 1 - We Think

Video 2 - Re:We Think

What do you think about this type of technology - giving the power to students to verbalize and visualize their thoughts in a powerful medium such as