Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"A Changing World" of Communication

Thanks to James Herrick and his amazing "synapses firing" that happened, because this assignment was based on his ideas and trial run of this assignment. It was the basis of my own creation of this type of assignment. I am telling you not to re-invent the wheel when you do not have to - especially when you surround yourself with people who have such great ideas all the time! :-)

This is an experiment really. I want to see how well this can work. I am aware that many of the items listed is not a finished list - but I fully expect the students to add to it is introduced to them tomorrow in class. Hence the idea of using the wonderful Google docs application to do this! I have started it off - and we can "tweak" it in class - ensuring that the students have a voice, which is crucial in my opinion. No point in blabbering to them about things they already know about and getting them to find out about tools they already use! I will use this Google doc as the beginning of the assignment and I will make sure it is updated once we have figured out a good direction. I am hoping for some wonderful feedback and constructive criticisms -we'll see!

I called it "A Changing World" of Communication. (Thanks James!)

Check it out!