Friday, May 16, 2008

"Shoppers ready to go high-tech" - article - a must read!

Neat article I just saw in my bloglines. It caught my attention with a headline saying:
"Shoppers ready to go high-tech" - which of course peaks my interest when I realized that it may be something that combines what I love - the internet and shopping! :-)

Check it out!!!

Shoppers ready to go high-tech

Sum it up? I can't. Read it. But I will share my favorite paragraph:

"The technologies included biometric fingerprint payment (using your fingerprint to pay by placing it on a sensor that links to your bank account); interactive dressing room help; smart carts (shopping carts with an onboard computer); 3D body scanning that would make recommendations about clothes and brands likely to fit; interactive dressing room mirrors; holographic sales assistants, networked home appliances that do such things as create shopping lists and arrange deliveries; and cellphones that can be used to pay for purchases or receive ads and product information."

WOW! What do you think? Comment!