Friday, September 02, 2011

A life-changing opportunity for my student this summer

One of my students in grade 9 this year had an amazing opportunity over the summer and I wanted to share it with you:
Last school year, she auditioned for In Real Life - an 'amazing race-style' tv show on YTV. As a school we helped her with her audition video by all cheering for her and asking YTV to choose her to be on the show - and she was chosen by YTV to participate on the series! Basically, the show is a bunch of life and skill-like challenges around the US and Canada - which meant that over the summer she would be in secret locations filming challenges for the show. The show is airing on October 3rd, with 10 shows in total. She can not tell anyone how far she made it, but she has said that it was a life-changing experience and she had a amazing time. What a fantastic opportunity for her! Everyone at our school is very excited for her and can't wait to watch the show! She came in my room today and told me that the preview for the show is posted on youtube - here it is to share with you! Go girl!