Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Here we are again....our school under the review for closure processs. I can not really state how I feel about this, as it would be seen as a conflict of interest and a bit unprofessional. Of course I don't think we should be closed, and neither do our students. And so, we are using our technology talent to create some videos to promote our school and what it is we love about it.

Enter the "Boom-De-Yada" video concept.

Based on the Discovery Channel commerical from 2008 and 2009 (see below), aka. "I Love The Whole World"- we are creating a video called "I Love Nokomis School". Using the concept of this commercial and using video and pictures to present what the student body thinks and how they feel about our school, my students interviewed teachers, support staff, and the other students to develop a picture of what they love about our school. These items are being put into the video in various ways, using the song "I Love the Whole World" song as the background for flow. I am really excited to see how these turn out - and we have had a very good response from everyone who has participated and I know all us teachers are excited about it!

We will be giving 3 finished video versions of this project to the review committee for a voice from the students. Hopefully it will show what good things we have going on in this school, and all we are capable of - leading to a favorable decision. Cross your fingers.

Discovery Channel 2008

Discovery Channel 2009