Monday, October 06, 2008

update again

We are working on researching Canada's political parties for the upcoming Federal Election 2008. I have my students reading up on the issues and the promises that are being made by all the parties. They need to make their own decision on how they will vote for our Student Vote 2008, on Thursday Oct. 9. The students will do this research, then discuss as a class why, what, how, when and who - all about the parties and their thoughts. They actually seem really interested in it all and are putting lots of effort into their research. This is step #1 in showing them how to be responsible citizens. Woo hoo!

An update in my CPT class. Lovely technology sometimes I tell you....we are having issues with our common drive - which is what the students use to save their stuff - so their commercial stuff is not found at the moment....lovely. But, I found other things to do with them. Hopefully all is fixed within the next few days. :-)

Life is CRAZY lately. I am getting married this weekend, so needless to say I am SWAMPED with that PLUS school work (marking, prep). Ugh. I honestly will be happy when this is all done this weekend and life can go back to its slower-pace. I am looking forward to also spending more time in planning and being prepared for my classes and putting more effort into my school. I have been through a lot this year; moving to a new town and house, starting a new job, getting! I know - people are surprised that my head has not exploded yet.