Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bloglines, RSS, Interesting Blogs...

Alright, it is time to get some more work done. :-)

My bloglines account is http://www.bloglines.com/myblogs and I have added (I believe) all of the in school tech support blogs. If I missed anyone, just let me know because I check them out ALL the time to see what's going on with everyone!
I have also added the Cool Cat Teacher blog and Cool Tools blog, which I find some good info. that is useful.
The other two blogs that I have added (so far) are "Connecting in a Connected World" (http://rajmmiller.blogspot.com/) , and a "Quote of the Day"

I have added this because I have a "Quote of the Week" on my classrom whiteboard....
Our school is implementing Michelle Borba's Building Moral Intelligence, and as part of my idea to inspire students to become moral humans, I have been putting a quote of the week up and have been getting a big response. The students really notice it, although you may be shaking your head and thinking "ya right Priscilla! Those kids just talk to you about it because they want to get you off topic in class" - Well.....maybe....but when you have students come up to you and ask you privately why you have not changed the quote (the few times I do forget), then it makes it all worth while. Just like our job of teaching; it may seem as though no one out there knows, until someone mentions what it means to them, and that makes it all worth the effort.
I find that having it RSS'ed to me daily really helps me to keep it updated and not have an excuse to say - oh well, I do not have any time to find another good quote. It holds me accountable!!

The Connecting in a Connected World blog - is by another teacher from Australia. Her blog is insightful and helpful. She comments on a lot of the same things that we discuss and I find it really interesting to read about the perspectives of other people around the world, as they struggle and succeed with technology implementation. She has some great posts on Facebook, e-learning, and Google-Bots, plus many other things. :-)

That is my two - so far - and I am looking for goodies to keep adding, so let me know if there are any!

Check it all out!