Thursday, January 10, 2008

Are we holding ourselves back from inevitable change?

An older post I had made about a you tube video that was about allowing technology to be used more often in the classroom has been brought to my attention again. I agree with my many of the comments made and really appreciate people taking the time to make an account, and make comments on my work.

Technology in the classroom that will always be met with skepticism and wariness. It is understandable but on another hand, how will we ever know how much of an influence we will have on a growing society if we do not allow opportunities to happen? I agree with needing a foundation of the basics - a chance to see, do and learn how we used to do things. I make sure that my drafting students learn mechanical drafting before moving onto computer-aided drafting. If they do not have the foundational skills, know the tools, the reason why we use certain tools, etc. then how will they know when they moved to more advanced technologies? It IS important for people to know the practical uses, the sometimes "old school" ways before. But I do not think it is good to be stuck in the "old school" ways. If that happens, then we are spinning our wheels, not encouraging our students to try new things, not allowing them the opportunities they will obviously need once they graduate. I do not want to sound like a broken record but we really do need to give more types and kinds of technology a chance.

How will we know if we are giving our students our best, and allowing them to experience the best opportunities possible if we are holding ourselves back from the change around us?