Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Miss Higgins records new song at school!

The students and staff of my school had the opportunity to be part of a great and unique experience when Jolene Higgins of the band Little Miss Higgins, came to the school on Thursday, March 15th to record their new song! Setting up a home-made recording studio in a classroom, and along with a local recording engineering student Lisa Bart as recording engineer, Jolene and her helpers created an environment that was ready for some fantastic singing! The students and staff took part in the singing of the chorus and Lisa says she was able to get a lot of great recorded takes from the session. There were also a number of student soloists helping out Little Miss Higgins with the song, as well as our principal! A great time was had by everyone in the school and it was exciting for the students to get to see and hear the sneak peek of the new song, as well as allowing them the chance to be part of the recording of a new tune by Little Miss Higgins! How cool is that? Next up...video creation!