Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update and idea?

Hey fellow listeners! It has been waaay too long! What have I been up to? TOO MUCH!

I have been super crazy busy with my CPT 10/20/30 students, who were working on Swedes of movies. If you don't know what a Swede is, you better rent the movie "Be Kind, Rewind". It stars Jack Black and it is about how he becomes magnatized and erases a bunch of VHS tapes in his friend's movie rental store. They are eventually left to their own devices about how to fix the problem, so they decide to remake the movies using something called "swede" which is short for Swedish (don't ask me)! Basically they are hilarious remakes of movies such as Ghost Busters and Men In Black (just to name a few). This becomes really popular and people really like their remakes.
I have checked out Youtube and it seems as though this is a phenomenon that is/was sweeping the globe. Many countries such as the UK have had competitions about who makes the best swede of movies. I thought "what a great project for my students!" So, we came together as a split class (had to all work together), and chose some blockbusters to remake. We chose Star Wars -Episode 4; Step Brothers; Marley and Me; Fast and the Furious; Transformers and; Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. They are just finished - it took forever because we have so little of students, and we needed many actors! But, I think most of them turned out great. I will be posting them as soon as I get them marked, on our school's project showcase wikispace
What took the most amount of time for this project was the organization, which incidentally is the part that the students dislike the most as well. It is like pulling teeth to get students to plan the projects they are going to do, no matter how many times I tell them that it's worth marks, or it makes a better project, etc. all they want to do is film it. Getting the props and improvising the ones we could not get was tricky as well. The point of the swede was not to make it look really professional, and with limited resources and time, we did what we could. I would definitely do this project again some year but I would cut down the number of movies and make it a larger group project and just tackle 2-3 movies.

One of my students asked me for a hard CPT 30 project - and I am still thinking about one. Does anyone have an idea - either audio or video (1-2 students), that would work? Comment and let me know!

I would love to hear from you!!!! Until next time, keep that camera rolling!