Friday, May 01, 2009

Are your students too trusting of technology?

I just read a really great post from Vicki Davis - Cool Cat Teacher.

Her post discussed students using technology and taking it for granted. Most times, students are much too willing to accept and trust technology. It can get them into trouble a lot easier then they want to believe. Whether it be from us teachers or from a more scary source like the internet.

Here is snip for you - this part actually made me laugh because I allow ipods in my classroom while they are working as well, so I can really relate to this! Plus the image of headphones that look like "jet fighter" headphones make me giggle!
Here it is:

"On Tuesday, I was in my room helping the seniors with their movie and I had on a new headset which looks sort of like one of those jet fighter sort of headphones -- complete ear coverage. I looked like I couldn't hear them a speck. The microphone was up above my head since I wasn't using it. What they didn't know is that for some reason on that particular computer, the microphone was basically turning my headset into a wonder hearing aid.

I could hear the boy across the room and what he was listening to on his iPod (he was in study hall and if they are working on a project, I let them listen to their music - my room is actually quieter that way and most (not all) students get more done that way -- music is their quiet.)

I could also hear the student in front of me telling a coarse joke and those behind me responding. Some were whispering in another corner.

I just kept working - smiling to myself all the while. I enjoy the teachable moments like this-- I knew it was coming. So, I waited and finally decided to say something when the cute blonde girl who always blushes ear to ear started to say something I knew would mortify her if I heard.

I put my fighter pilot headphones around my neck and said:

"Man, it is amazing how these headphones magnify the sound in this room - I can hear EVERYTHING!"

The blonde girl blushed - and everyone turned and looked except the iPod wonder sitting in the corner.

"Really? You can hear everything? Let me hear!"

Sure enough, they each had to try it out. This spread through the school and others had to come try it out later. I mentioned to each of them that with technology - you never know who is listening."