Friday, February 13, 2009

Update and new things

Hi All!

Updating again...

I have been working with with my CPT 10 class making websites based on ELA literature of any sort - some are doing a website on an act of Romeo and Juliet, some on a novel we have done or will be doing, etc. The only problem I have been encountering, which may be a issue with our system (or the old computers we are using), is that the computers freeze up or the site is really slow - I only have 6 kids in this class so yes all are on at the same time but it still should not be THIS slow! It will freeze and not save or just pretend to save and it actually is not saved...ugh. I tell ya - major issues in class some days when the students log in and all the stuff they did last class is gone! EEK!

For my CPT 20 class I have decided NOT to use that program - I am having them create a wikispace....I was trying to be great and made a wikispace for them to get their assignment from....
I made the wikispace to put the assignment on, then I made them log in and go through it together as a class. I monitored them making an account, then gave them time to play around until they felt they were ready to start. Working really well so far!

Today we have a local PD day. We started with Discovery Streaming - love it! After we did that, we started to go through Atomic Learning - works good for personal PD - I think there are some really valid videos that I can use for my PD goals for this year.

When I asked the question that I wanted to know earlier - what is a good free website building tool to use for gr. 10-12 students...I did not really want to use for them, but was not sure what else was good - hence the wikispace venture....
I was told a good site that I am currently checking out right - seems to be really good - a bit more professional and organized for students to build a more structured and professional looking website. I think I will use it with them next time!

I am still in the process of figuring out how to get some of my student's videos in the format they are in now, uploaded so I can share with you - I will get there.

That's all for now!