Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reflecting on the last school year

As the year winds down and I am crazy busy getting assignments in, marking, and getting ready for exams, I am torn with wanting this school year to just be over with to begin summer break, and not wanting to leave my job, but the one thing that stays constant is my love for technology and computers. As busy as I am lately, I still find time in my day to play around with my computer. I take my "me" time and put it towards checking out new things in technology. I think that if a person has a passion for learning and an interest in something (for me it is technology), that you find time/make time for keeping that present in your life.

I am new at teaching computers this year, and I have found my passion. I am a shop teacher (PAA) by trade but have begun teaching computers this year and was also the computer network administrator for the school. Of course I was apprehensive in the beginning, but I have found my new path. You know when you graduate from University with your B.Ed. and you feel as though you have all you need. I thought to myself that I would never want or need to go back to school. I had no intention of becoming an administrator, therefore I thought I would be a shop teacher for 30 years and retire and be merry. Plans have changed. My new-found love for technology has sparked my love of learning again! I have new passions that keep me interested, and make me want more. I have new plans of wanting to go back to University and pursue my Masters of Education in Educational Communications and Technology. I am very excited to have come across this area of teaching and happy that it has infected my life. My teaching has improved, my communication skills have improved, and I am generally a more well-connected person. My network has grown tremendously this year and I am grateful for the opportunities that I have received and experiences I have gained this year. Technology has improved my life and allowed me to find a path for my future which makes me happy. All in all, a pretty good year! :-)