Thursday, April 17, 2008

How do you feel technologically overwhelmed? Heard this story before?

Since the invention of the computer, life has become extremely fast-paced and technological. If you are one of the people who did not catch on to the computer, who waited until the last possible minute to learn its finicky ways, then it is likely that you did not ever really catch on! Sure you have probably been showed a few times how to turn it on, how to access the Internet, look up something on Google, or check your email. But likely you do not remember any of it, 10 minutes after doing it! It becomes a frustration, you do not know what to do, you stop trying and eventually give up on trying to understand it all, and say "I've tried it, but I am going to leave it up to you all that understand things like that. I am fine with your "snail" mail as you call it!" And it is left at that. You do not venture to the computer sitting in the corner of the office any more. It collects dust and goes out of date. You get older and your grandchildren come by and chuckle that the old computer is still around and collecting dust. You get asked why it never got used and your response is that it was too many things to learn at once.

Sound familiar? Can you relate to this story? Even I can! I want you to stop and imagine what your life would be like without would never have the opportunity to read would never experience technology to its fullest would not be able to communicate as much as you do today, with the likes of Facebook, Email, Blogs, Myspace, etc. it has become common place to be involved in every one's business (or at least keep on top of their items they post/email/blog), and to keep in close contact with people you know. I enjoy being able to talk to people I have not seen since high school or college, and see what they have been up to, and where they are now. Without the power of the all mighty Internet, this would never have been possible to keep in contact with the close to 400 friends I have on Facebook. Sure most are just acquaintances but nonetheless, it is great to be able to keep in touch and grow better friendships with people, and possibly meet some new friends as well!

The invention of the computer, no matter how many frustrations you can tell me about, has many many positives about it. There are always issues with technology and it is likely going to be like that forever, but knowing that computers are the tool of new-age communication, it is hard to undermine the importance of computers and how they have impacted our lives in the positive way. Do not think I have forgotten about all the Internet safety issues that are occurring (even in our school, let alone in the whole world), but I think we need to concentrate on the positive and not let the bad seeds who use the Internet for bad things (like pornography or to endanger others/children/etc.). The people who do those things give the Internet a bad rap, and people then tend to overlook the good things about the Internet.

Let it not affect us, and let us relish in the communication benefits and world-wide collaborative bonus' that the Internet has given us, and let us use it for the good of the world; to make the world a better place, not an unsafe place to hide.